Frequently Asked Questions

What is a convention?

A convention is an event over several days, usually a weekend dedicated to a series, a movie, a universe and allowing fans to meet and spend privileged time with his favorite actors.

How to access the Convention?

It must be in possession of a MANDATORY pass to reach the convention. You can buy the pass on the online ticketing of the event BEFORE the event. No pass is sold the day of the convention.

Warning, the pass is not exchangeable or refundable except in case of cancellation of the event on our part. We recall that sell his pass is illegal, and we reserve the right to cancel the pass concerned in case of trouble like this.

What's contain the pass?

There are several types of pass at different price, including or not extras (photoshoots, autographs, meeting-room, group photo, etc ...). All pass, whatever the price, give access to the sessions of questions / answers with the actors (or also called panels) and entertainment during the event.

What are the extras?

Some extras are included in your pass depending on the one you bought. You can get the extras on the online ticketing of the event, provided that already have a pass. No extra will be sold and realized without your pass.

Photoshoots: a picture with the actor of your choice, there are also pictures duo, trio or group (defined by the organizer).

Autographs: an autograph with the actor of your choice

Meeting-room: spend a special time in the company of a small fan group (twenty or so) with the actor of your choice for 30 minutes.

Other extras can be offered depending on the convention: private meeting, theme party, etc ...

Warning all personal photos are strictly prohibited during the extras here presented, under penalty of being banned from the convention.

Which are the guests of a convention?

Guests are actors announced by the event organizer. Warning, this is not because an event on a series or movie is expected that the entire cast will be present.

An actor can be advertised as extra guest, that is to say that it's a special guest, who is not included in any pass and only available through the purchase of extras in limited quantities.

How to get my pass?

You can retrieve your pass and your extras the day before or the day of the convention at the place of the event, the schedules will be announced before the convention. The identification and proof of all purchases are REQUIRED to have your pass and go to the convention.

I have a pass including extras, how  I choose my actors?

We will send you an email before the convention to hear your choice of extras. The choice is made based on availability and according to purchase order of pass.

A guest is canceled, it is my favorite, can I get a refund or resell my pass?

Buying a pass is neither refundable nor exchangeable except cancellation of the event on our part. A guest may, for reasons unforeseen and professionals, cancel his visit to the event. These cancellations are beyond our control.

However, if a guest is canceled we will try wherever possible to replace it with another actor.

Extras purchased the guest will not be refunded but can be exchanged for another guest.


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