Terms of Sales


We ask you to read the terms and conditions detailed below will be applied to all conventions organized by the Ultimevents Company. You agree when you buy your ticket to respect them.


Tickets – Pass


You must provide us during the purchase of your PASS participants' names. As soon as we recorded them, they will be in a database, and therefore the ticket nominative rest. Only the original ticket's holder whose name appears on the ticket can use the pass, the ticket will be lost if presented by a third party. There is no exception to this rule.

Unless otherwise indicated, pass can be collected on the location of the event on the day of the agreement or the day before. A photo ID will be requested as well as all documentation of your purchases, receipts by email. A wallet containing your badge and your extras will be provided. Without these documents, access to the convention will be banned.

Wearing the bracelet / badge is mandatory during all the time of the convention, and presented to the Staff for any access. The absence of the bracelet / Badge or refusal to present it may prevent you from accessing the event.

Group tickets will be delivered to the person designated on the purchase, upon presentation of all ID of persons in the group.

The tickets are not refundable or exchangeable. Their resale is prohibited.

On your badge will be noted your number and location reserved for you in the great hall of the Q&A, we ask you to respect the location assigned to you.

In case the event is postponed, tickets will be automatically postpone over to the new date announced. If you can not attend the convention at that date, tickets will be postponed to a future event.

In case the convention is canceled in its entirety, tickets will be refunded and only under these conditions.

The arrival of the guests is contractual, due to work commitments or other circumstances, causing them to cancel their presence will not be reimbursed pattern. We will make every effort if this is the case to replace it with a new guest. In this case, the buy extras and choices included in the pass will be replaced by the new guest. (Including extra Guest)


Your participation to the convention must not based on one guest, it is obvious that if it were to cancel its presence, this pattern does not result in a refund.


Ultimevents reserves the right to change the date and place of the event to obtain a maximum of guests present.


Minors under 16 must be accompanied by a person also has a Pass. No access is allowed for the presence of a relative or friend without accompanying Pass.


If we have to cancel a sale following a non-respect of these conditions, € 10 management fee will be deducted from refund.


If you buy a 2 day pass and you can not attend one day, in this case we do not guarantee achieving bought extras because the schedule is spread over 2 days and a starting order is assigned.


Allocation of seats

The places you are assigned to the full payment of your pass in the reservation order. Several areas are in place, and following up your Pass a seat and a row are assigned to you. You can exchange your tickets, but only in the same category and same row. Any exchange that is not done by mutual agreement can interfere with the smooth running of the Convention and lead to immediate dismissal.

Travel costs, accommodations are the responsibility of the participant. In case of postponement, change the venue of the convention, Ultimevents cancellation will not reimburse expenses incurred.


Image rights

You agree if you attend at an Ultimevents event any personal rights or property for your image, which could appear on photos or video recordings Ultimevents could use for advertising or commercial purposes.



The cameras are not permitted during the event unless you respect the following conditions:

  • Time taken to authorized views.
  • Use only compact cameras.
  • The use of flash is permitted only during the first 5 minutes.
  • Banning the use of cameras with lens higher than 18-55mm.

Non-respect of these conditions may lead to the immediate bannish of the agreement without refund.


Autographs et Photoshoot

When all the guests will be announced, we'll send you an email so you can choose your photoshoots and/or your autographs included in your pass. Please note, these are in limited quantities by actor and will be awarded based on the purchase order of the pass.

Autographs and photoshoots are at the indicated prices on the website of the convention and sold online only to people wearing a pass.

Ultimevents disclaims any liability for non-fulfillment of an autograph or a photoshoot if the participant does not show up when it is called to do. The access to meeting-room, evening cocktail, evening, will be sold only to participants in possession of a Pass.

Ultimevents is not responsible for the outcome of the photoshoot (closed eyes ...)

We remind you that these extras are in limited supply.


Photos et videos

It is strictly forbidden to make video recordings during the Q&A.

It is strictly forbidden to take photographs and video recordings during the photoshoots and autographs (including using mobile phones, camera, etc ...) as well as during the meeting-room, cocktail party, dinner and VIP, under penalty of immediate bannish without refund.



No gift can be delivered to our guests during the Q&A and Photoshoots.

Only during autographs.


Means of payment

Ticketing accepts all credit card payments, transfers, checks and also can pay your pass in two times. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of problems.



  • Ultimevents reserves the right to make any changes to the event due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances.
  • The promoter and the site manager can not be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage during the convention.
  • The schedule of the convention may be amended at any time or suffer cancellations. Ultimevents is not responsible for changes related to the unavailability of the actors or the demands of their agents. Therefore, no refund will be possible.


We strive for the site to work correctly. Ultimevents will not be held responsible if the site is temporarily unavailable due to technical issues beyond our control.

In case of aggression, expressive about for our guests, or between participants Ultimevents reserves the right to immediately bannish a participant without refund of the event.